Health & Safety

We care that all of your employees make it home safely every day.

To accomplish that goal, Anderson Environmental Co. offers expert health and safety oversight on environmental remediation and IDOT road construction projects, assisting contractors with complex environmental regulations.


Galesburg Union Pacific Railroad Underpass (IDOT Contract 89417)

We provided health and safety oversight on a high-visibility UPRR underpass project valued at $18 million. Approximately 35,000 cubic yards of non-special waste were handled during this project.

1-74 Bridge over Mississippi River in Moline

We provided health and safety oversight on this $85 million project. This included daily environmental monitoring, setting up an on-site water treatment system, and manifesting 93,000 cubic yards of contaminated material off-site. Additionally, over 7 million gallons of water were treated on-site prior to discharge to the Moline Sanitary Sewer System.

25th Avenue Grade Separation in Melrose Park

We provided health and safety oversight on this $17 million project. The project included non-special waste disposal and hazardous waste disposal.

New Hampshire Plating

We supplied the project with a health and safety officer for this five-month environmental remediation job, ensuring an incident free project.